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Rebecca Barnard

2016-08-08 10:40

Jamie's Story

I have pain in my knees, back and wrists. I have had no confirmed diagnosis, except carpal tunnel and possible tendonitis in my wrists. I've had X-rays that show no arthritis, but an inflammatory marker shows up in blood tests. This lot of pain flared up this time last year. Three years ago I successfully had corticoid injections in my coccyx for similar inflammatory pain that occurred shortly after the birth of my second child. I have had loads of blood tests; my kidney function was below normal but this has now been put down to either too much naproxen or an auto immune problem. I have now been referred to the rheumatology department and will no doubt have more tests.

My knee pain is daily and is worse going up and down stairs; my back pain is intermittent; and my wrists hurt more after writing or drawing (I'm an art teacher). All three are worse when the weather changes. When Storm Frank came in I could barely move and I was on holiday doing very little. It was similar when Storm Katie came in. The pain in my wrists is the first sign of changes in weather, but it starts a couple of days before the worst of the weather arrives.

All these places on my body have had previous injuries (mainly falling of horses) and my carpal tunnel is hereditary. I am in a lot of pain every day and cannot take effective pain relief, so it is having a huge impact on my daily life. I find exercise only makes things worse.

I signed up [to Cloudy with a Chance of Pain] after my husband saw it on a TV programme. I know there is a connection: I believe it is more to do with inflamed parts of the body rather than any particular problem. The more I talk to people about your project the more people realise they have pain that is worse in rainy weather.

*Name has been changed