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Rebecca Barnard

2016-10-12 16:30

Local artist captures the beauty and volatility of northern landscapes

Jessica Owen is a Manchester based artist who exhibits under the title 'northern-scapes'. Moody and atmospheric, Jessica's mesmerising landscape paintings are inspired by how she experiences and relates to the natural world.

Rather than presenting a faithful representation of the landscapes before her, Jessica aims to capture 'the feel of places', evoking the colours, textures, sounds and shapes of land and sky, as well as the elemental forces that are acting on a landscape at any one time. To achieve this she uses acrylic on canvas, as well as enamel and watercolour on ceramic. Many of her works are painted in the north of the UK, in locations known for their stunning wildernesses, stormy seas, and tumultuous weather such as: The Peak District, North West Scotland, North Wales and The Lake District. In Jessica's own words:

'My work is part of me; I am a part of nature. I am volatile, energetic and powerful. The north informs my art and I relate emotionally to dark rolling turbulent skies. An uplifting energy, a break of startling light behind black clouds sings to the soul'

Head in the Clouds - Shuttlingsloe

Mam Tor - Derbyshire, Peak District

The Receding Tide

Sea Mist - St Tudwells islands

Jessica's paintings are exhibited in studio 16 of Manchester Northern Quarter's Craft and Design Centre; you can also view more of her pieces on her website: