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Rebecca Barnard

2016-08-25 10:02

Get your Arthritis Research UK joint pain relief guide

A recent study led by Imperial College London, Arthritis Research UK and the University of Aberdeen, unveiled that nearly 28 million adults in UK are affected by chronic pain. Pain can have a huge impact on everyday life, and prevent you from doing the things you love.

Access to the right information and advice can be the first step towards a life free from joint pain. That's why Arthritis Research UK has launched their brand new Joint Pain Relief Guide. Drawn from 80 years of ground-breaking research, the information guide will help you to manage your joint pain more effectively. It contains a wealth of information and ideas, including simple exercises, expert advice and tips for talking to your GP. It also includes ideas from other people living with arthritis, which could make a real difference to help you deal with your joint pain.

To order your free Joint Pain Relief guide, visit