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Rebecca Barnard

2016-06-10 16:08

​Preparations are in full swing for Manchester Day

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain is playing a pivotal role in the festivities for the day, and we have activities taking place both inside Manchester Town Hall and outside in Albert Square. These include a gigantic pain mannequin (pictured), a visually stunning weather-pain walkway, the chance to be a citizen scientist, and a Pain Stories booth.

This week we headed over to the Old Granada Studios to see the progress of our giant pain mannequin, nick-named 'Arthur', who will be taking centre stage in Manchester's Albert Square. Designed by local artist Sophie Tyrell, 6m tall 'Arthur' will be the focal point of a series of incredible acrobatic performances, in which the public's pain symptoms are catapulted in colour onto different areas of his body, representing where different people carry their pain.

Our aim for 'Arthur' and the other Cloudy activities is to both capture the eccentric spirit and jollity of Manchester Day, whilst drawing the public's attention to the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain conditions in the UK.

Find out more about the day at the Manchester Day website.

We hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us!