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Rebecca Barnard

2016-12-08 09:52

'Work Matters to Me' – Arthritis Research UK launches new campaign

Arthritis Research UK is urging people to get behind their new campaign calling for the Government to take action and provide better support for people with arthritis to find and stay in work.

Tracey Loftis, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Arthritis Research UK, explains:

“We know that work matters to people with arthritis. Work means independence, it gives control and it can help people live their lives to the full. Yet the employment rate amongst people with arthritis is 20% lower than among people with no long term health condition.

Working with arthritis can pose challenges but, with the right kind of support and job, working has real benefits for our physical and mental health, our financial position and our wider wellbeing. That's why our new campaign 'Work Matters to Me' is calling for Government to close this arthritis work gap, so people with arthritis have the opportunity to stay in work."

The Work Matters to Me campaign asks for specific changes from Government to support people with arthritis, including:

  • - To help people with arthritis remain in work: More funding and better promotion of the 'Access to Work' scheme for employees and employers, to get help with the costs of work adaptations to enable people with arthritis maintain workplace health, and assist with the cost of fares to work if someone can't use public transport.
  • - To support people with arthritis when they are trying to find work: Creating a new Government 'Personal Support Package' specifically for people with arthritis; including ensuring work coaches and disability employment advisors receive training on working with people with arthritis.

You can support the 'Work Matters to Me' campaign in two ways. Firstly, sign the charity's open letter asking the Government to deliver better employment support for people with arthritis who want the opportunity to work. Secondly, add your own experience of work, employment support and welfare while living with arthritis to make your voice heard.

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